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False practices in Brahmo Samajes

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Subject: [brahmoconferenceorg] False practices in Brahmo Samajes

Over the years, corruption and ritualism have taken over the Samajes. Most Brahmos today have evidently not heard of the 1830 Trust Deed or read it in any great depth. Unfortunately some Brahmo preachers are also included in this group for they perpetuate practices (such as image worship) in the Samajes which are anathema to "True" Brahmos.

Incidentally, Bengali social writer Krishna Dutta has confirmed "image worship of any kind is abhorrent to true Brahmos" in the book "Calcutta, a cultural and literary history" at page 87, also specifically reminding us that the Trust Deed of the Samaj prohibits the admission of any graven image, picture, portrait, statute into the premises). The position now of Brahmos attending these Samajes is akin to that of cannibals bound in a common oath not to reveal or oppose their horrific shared transgessions of God's path.

When True Brahmoism simply means a) abhorrence of idolalation  and b) Adherence to Brahmo Trust principles, can there be any explanation other than "ritual cannibalism" (also known as consuming the body of Christ)  for so many Brahmos to deny their religion and remain silent to the mummery in the Samaj.

Today I shall highlight another cannibalistic practice, the practice of naming Gods, prophets, or other inspired and great men within our Samaj premises. Too often we hear our false preachers list the names of Jesus, Mohamed, Nanak, etc during our common worship as "the procession of Prophets and Saints"). They evidently do this under the Keshubite sponsored delusion that Brahmoism is a kind of Universal Unitarianism where all religions (and their gods / prophets / saints) are one. These false preachers have forgotten the specific words of Trust "but not under or by any other name designation or title peculiarly used for and applied, to any particular being or beings by any man or set of men whatsoever,"

The Reverend Charles Dall had published why he was expelled from the Calcutta Brahmo Samaj for Debendranath "would not hear the name of Christ spoken in His house because some people worship Christ as God". Another Christian Missionary of that era, R.C. Bose in his published book "Brahmoism or History of reformed Hinduism (1884)" attacked the perversions of the antiBrahmos and their 'Hom' to their processions of saints and prophets, thus

"Christ  doubtless occupies a place, perhaps the chief place, among the Prophets and Saints with whose disembodied spirits communion is to be maintained, and He shares the veneration of mankind with Mohammed, who brought down a text from heaven to justify his illicit intercourse with the wife of his adopted son ; Narad, the notorious makebate among the Hindu gods ; Chaitanya, who revived in Bengal the worship of the god of licentiousness, justly called the Bacchus of India; Nanak, who cherished the wild idea of effecting a union between Hinduism and Mohammedanism ; Buddha and his modern imitator, Comte, who tabooed theology and divorced morality from religion ; Theodore Parker, who lived by abusing Christian orthodoxy and wavered between monotheism and pantheism ; Emerson, who believed in nothing but self ! The Christian's blood must be cold indeed who can see the crucified Nazarene, the Captain of his salvation, the Author and Finisher of His faith, degraded to such association without being filled with indignation ! "

Can there be any better example of why our wise forefathers absolutely prohibited the "speaking of names" within the Samaj?  When will our preachers stop their foolery and instead instruct our children in the tenets of our Trust ?  That "God" has no name and is unsearchable ! That "Om" (a single syllable) is only the penultimate step in comprehending that all those names of God are meaningless for He has no name or syllable !!


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